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Chestnut honey 300g

The colour of chestnut extends from yellow amber to dark brown. Chestnut honey crystallizes very slowly but it may also remains fluid. It is characterized by an intense aroma and flavor, basically bitter and very persistent. We recommend consuming it as a dessert or for flavouring.

In 2014 the chestnut honey of DR HONEY® won the gold medal of the annual competition by the Hungarian National Beekeeping Association and was awarded the “HONEY OF THE YEAR”.


Health benefits

Due to the high content of minerals it is beneficial for anaemia, fatigue, loss of appetite and for weakened state. This honey is used for treatment of varicose veins.


How to use

Some of the cheeses that best match with chestnut honey are long or medium-aged cheeses such as Grana and Parmesan cheese as well as aged goat cheeses.

Limited quantity available.

Size: 300g/10.58oz


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