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Acacia honey 450g

The acacia honey has received the Hungarikum trademark. The admission into the national depository raises this exceptional quality product to its worthy place.

In Hungary there are large, pure Acacia forests that make up more than one fifth of all forests in Hungary– a total of 460.000 acres. The annual Hungarian acacia honey production exeed the total acacia honey production of Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy and France all together.

The excellence of the Hungarian acacia honey comes from the large pure acacia forests and the lack of other nectar plants during the blooming cycle which would mar its quality. The acacia honey is popular all over the world, its uniqueness lies in the bright colour, the harmonic fragrance of acacia flowers and the soft, perfect aroma. Because of the high natural fructose content the acacia honey crystallizes very slowly.


Health benefits

Acacia honey is an effective therapy for cough, indigestion, gastric hyperacidity and has a good antiseptic effect. The mild flavour makes it a popular sweetener used in drinks and desserts. Because of the poor pollen content it is suitable for sensitive people as well.


How to use

The aroma is floral, fruity, delicate, very persistent. The flavor is very sweet, slightly acidic with hints of vanilla and no aftertaste. The flowery notes are noticed best in the finish. Acacia honey and blue cheeses, like Gorgonzola, are the best pairing ever. Yet, this honey goes well with medium-aged cheeses too.

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