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Silkweed honey 450g

This delicious honey is characterized by a pleasantly intense aroma with hints of vanilla and has a light yellowish colour. Deep dark aromas of tobacco on the nose, it drizzles excellently. On the palate it is really distinctive, a “grown up” almost meaty flavour with a good acidity. It is not overly sweet and is mysterious in taste. Unusual and delicious. Silky and buttery on the palate with a good length of flavour and a creaminess that lasts to the finish. Like the acacia it remains liquid for a long time. As the bees can not collect pollen from this plant, this honey is ideal for sensitive people as well.

Health benefits

The silkweed honey has an antiseptic effect; regular consumption can reduce blood pressure.

How to use

It can be consumed by itself as a delicacy or as a natural sweetener of tea and food where the special taste can be savoured.

Size: 450g/15.87oz


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