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Honeydew honey 450g

The honeydew honey is an aromatic, quite dark dessert honey caramel notes. A lovely flowing texture and a very appealing, floral, citrus palate – not cloying despite its sweetness, and with a lovely, clean yet lingering finish. This is not a flower sourced type but is produced from the dew on the leaves of trees, it is also called forest honey. Therefore the pollen content is insignificant.

Health benefits

Due to the high content of minerals it’s beneficial as a nutritional supplement, especially in case of anaemia. It remains liquid for quite a long time.

How to use

The flavor of honeydew honey is rather intense and persistent, with slightly sour and salty notes. Honeydew honey goes well smoked cheese, and semi-hard cheese. Mixed in yoghurt or milk it adds an extremely fine flavour.

Size: 450g/15.87oz


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